Roasted Coffee Product Development

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Cover of the ebook Roasted Coffee Product Development by Neal Wilson

Roasted Coffee Product Development is an upcoming ebook by Neal Wilson. Its five chapters focus on important steps in creating the right roasted coffees for your business.

In the first chapter, you'll learn the importance of having a plan for your product line and how to create realistic plans that align with your business objectives. A product line plan is the foundation of a realistic buying plan and budget. It can also help you avoid common purchasing mistakes.

The second chapter covers dealing with pre-purchase samples and sourcing coffees that align with the plan for your product line. Topics include physical evaluation of samples, sample roasting, and cupping with an emphasis on creating a consistent evaluation process that gets you the information you need to inform your buying decisions.

Chapter three goes deep into creating appropriate and repeatable plans for production roasting. It includes examples and exercises that help roasters develop the skill and experience needed to reason about various approaches to coffee roasting.

Blends are an important part of many product lines so designing blends for different purposes is covered in the fourth chapter.

Once you have a finished product, it's important to verify that you're consistently producing a coffee that matches your intent. The fifth chapter covers various approaches to finished product testing including how to pick appropriate evaluative methods. There's also coverage of practical production data analysis techniques.

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