Introducing Roasting Book Press

Roasting Book Press, LLC is a new publisher formed for selling upcoming books by Neal Wilson.

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Roasted Coffee Product Development is an opinionated guide to creating a complete product line. From creating a plan for your product line, sourcing coffees that align with that plan, deciding how to roast those coffees in appropriate and repeatable ways, creating blends, and verifying that finished products match your intention, this ebook has the information you need to improve your decision making and production processes with an emphasis on using appropriate evaluative methods that are relevant to each task.

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I'm Neal Wilson of Wilson's Coffee & Tea. Over the past several years I've created some of the most watched instructional videos on coffee roasting, taught coffee roasting classes around the world, worked on developing training programs for others to deliver, and written software that's widely used in coffee roasting companies. Now I'm writing a book.

The focus of this book is on practical exercises for the professional coffee roaster. Through performing these exercises you'll gain confidence and skill in controlling the roasting machines you use, obtain experience roasting and evaluating a diverse range of coffees and roasting styles, develop a method of reasoning about how the decisions you make impact results in the cup, and learn how to create the roasted coffee product line that's best for your business.

This emphasis on experiential learning over a broad range of concepts is what sets this book apart from other texts on coffee roasting. The progression of exercises I present creates a natural path toward mastery in the craft of coffee roasting.

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